Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Tour 2016

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Now Where Is That Snow Shovel...

We are finally getting a real snow!
It has added up more since I took this photo.  I heard four inches predicted for us.  Last winter, we only had to shovel snow once.  So far this winter, we haven't shoveled snow at all.  Maybe tomorrow morning.  Guess I'd better find the snow shovel.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Sowing

A sunshiny afternoon gave me a nice day to winter sow a few seeds.  I'm not doing much this year.  Just some native annual lemon beebalm.  I had great results starting it this way last year that I thought I'd do it again.  I'm also hoping some of the beebalm self seeded in the garden beds.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Edibles 2016

basil *

snap: contender  (buff valentine) (bush)

scarlet nantes

slicers: marketmore 76

garlic *
hard neck

kohlrabi *
early white vienna
purple vienna

leaf: salad bowl
leaf: red salad bowl
leaf: black seeded simpson
romaine: forellenschluss “speckled trout”
romaine:  red
soft head (butterhead) : buttercrunch


melon, muskmelon
hales best jumbo

melon, watermelon
round, striped: crimson sweet

winter (walking) *

[buying local, will edit planting list]
onion sets
red comred (red)
ebenezer (white)

parsley *
giant of italy

shelling types: little marvel (dwarf)
snow peas: melting sugar

[buying local, will edit planting list]
bell: golden bell:  starter plant
bell: lilac:  starter plant
bell: red beauty:  starter plant
jalapeno: mucho nacho: starter plant
jalapeno: capsicum annuum

medium:  magic lantern
?: porcelain doll

multi-colored: french breakfast
multi-colored: scarlet turnip white tip
red: cherry belle

squash, summer
early prolific straightneck
black beauty (zucchini)
early white bush scallop

squash, winter
table queen acorn
candy roaster

[buying local, will edit planting list]
grape/cherry type: chocolate cherry: starter plant
grape/cherry type: sweet baby: starter plant
grape/cherry type: red cherry: starter plant
plum/roma type: amish paste: starter plant
plum/roma type: la roma: starter plant
plum/roma type: roma plum
standard slicers: early girl: starter plant

----- Perennials -----

asparagus *
jersey knight

chives *

mint *

strawberry *

* not on vegetable planting/harvesting calendar

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Warm January Afternoon

Our winter has had very little snow and more warm days than cold days.
We have received some rain which is good.

Today was very warm.  I rounded up my pruning tools and sharpening stone.  There will be tree pruning in the near future.

The main thing I do in the garden this time of year is fill the bird feeders.

This old feeder is hanging together; but every time I open it, I wonder if it will just fall apart.  I can see the seams separating and the hanging cord is getting rough.  It is kind of a pain to slide the whole roof up the cord to fill the feeder.  I've decided that when it falls apart, it will get tossed instead of repaired.

This feeder is very easy to fill.  It has a hinged roof.  I just flip one side up and pour in the seeds.  It is made of recycled plastic bottles and is holding up very well.

I like the recycled plastic feeder so much that when I found a slightly smaller one of the same design, I picked it up.  For right now, we have 3 bird feeders.

The carrots continue to be fine in the garden under the straw.  We have had a mild winter, but I'm encouraged.  Next fall, I will plant a lot of carrots.

Hope the new year is treating you well.  Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Carrots and December?

The carrots I planted this fall continue to grow in the garden.  I've left a little batch of them to see how well they'll do as we go through various cold spells.  I put some straw squares around the plants to help the ground from changing too suddenly in temperature.

Our temperatures go up and down.  We're currently in a warm spell again so I decided harvest a few carrots today.  They were so sweet.

Meanwhile, on the patio, the container of snapdragons continues to have blooms.  The top blooms got a little frozen last week, but the plant is still fine.

Looking at warm weather through Christmas then a winter storm may move in.