Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And, Done!

The garden beds are clean and ready for winter.
Now to plan for next year!

Looking more and more like autumn here.  I just wish the locust tree would hold its golden leaves a bit more before dropping them everywhere.

I drained the rain barrels and flipped them over for winter.
Still have flowers blooming as we have not had a killing frost and it doesn't look like we will in the near future.  Just enjoying the nice days.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making Progress

It took longer than I thought it would to clear the winter squash and pumpkin plants.  There were a lot of vines.  I did manage to get new soil on the second raised vegetable bed and I planted the garlic.
Still have the rain barrels to store for winter and a few other things outside that need to hibernate for winter in the garage.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Still Clearing The Garden

Beautiful warm fall weather is making it nice to do the garden clean up.  One raised bed is complete. 

 I should have dug my holes deeper though.  It's going to be close to have a place to bury everything.
I smoothed out the mounds.  It looks less like a graveyard now.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Still Clearing The Garden

Wednesday was another warm afternoon.  Perfect weather to be outside.  I did a little weeding in other parts of the garden before returning to the vegetable beds.
I cleared out the tomatoes and summer squash plants.
The rest will have to wait a bit as I won't have my afternoons free the rest of this week.  
There are some carrots in there to harvest and all the winter squash.  Peppers too, but they've slowed a lot since it's gotten colder at night.  We've been in the high 30s each morning this week.

I hope I have enough space to bury everything well.  These composting holes are working well for me.  Much better than the pile I tried that just dried out all the time.  I think our winds dry it too much and until recently, we haven't had the water to use on it much.

I still have a whole rain barrel full of water but we aren't suppose to get below freezing in the next week that I've seen.

All this digging is a workout!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Limestone And White Gourds

Tuesday afternoon was another beautiful autumn day.  I got a lot more clean up done in the garden.

I hope those mounds of dirt don't look too suspicious.  I'm just burying plant material, really.

Look, a pile of limestone!

The vines in the wild area produced these gourds/squash.
All are white except two.  They are yellow.

I don't know if my patty pan squash crossed with something last year or what caused these.  Only my patty pan squash has been white, but these are shaped wrong.

We won't eat them,  They'll be cute decorations for autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Teepee Trellises Stored

Monday afternoon, I managed to free the teepee trellises from the jungle and tie them to the fence in the background of this photo for the winter.  I also scavenged a few gourds from the vines to sit out by the front door.  Well see if we can find the pile of limestone this week.

Monday, October 13, 2014

It's a Jungle

This is what we call the wild area.  Somewhere in there is a stack of limestone my wonderful husband acquired for free this spring, a moon flower plant that couldn't compete but bloomed well anyway and a hole I dug to toss my composting material into.  Otherwise, you're seeing a lot of volunteer plants; mostly squash and gourds from the seeds I tossed out last year, morning glories and sunflowers.

This is the vegetable garden.  With regular rains this year, the squash, pumpkins and tomatoes really grew--maybe too well. 

We have not yet had a killing frost.  October 12 is our average frost date so I shouldn't be surprised.  With so much plant material to work with this year, I feel like I need to start the clean up even if the plants are still growing.  The tomatoes and peppers have slowed down.  I've been waiting for the winter squash and pumpkins to finish ripening, but they can do that off the vine.  I will tackle the morning glories when they're not blooming so I don't feel as bad.  It is time to take it all down.  

Here's the plan:  cut the teepee trellises free and remove them, dig a hole using the soil to fill the current composting hole, fill the new hole with plant material from the vegetable garden and wild area, repeat previous two steps until soil from a hole can be used to top off the vegetable garden, end the process with a composting hole ready to use through the winter.  This may take a while.  

The wild area is kind of my soil factory.  By burying plant material there, it breaks down faster and the soil left behind is so wonderful that I use it everywhere to fill in beds and even put some in my containers.  It also means I spread morning glories around the garden a bit, but I just pull out the ones I don't want.    I'll report back on the progress.

Have a good week!