Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bucket O' Snails

Over wintered 09-10 part 6:
Do you have a bucket of snails living with you?  They're great houseguests.  Quiet.  Don't need entertained.  Eat very little.  They're perfect houseguests.  The snails became homeless when we drained the water garden tub last fall.  Three fish were returned to my parents' cattle tank to live with their hundred or so relatives, but the snails stayed with us.  They have eaten all of the water plants that came in with them and are living on fish food.  Snail droppings are what you see at the bottom of the bucket but there are many tiny snails in there in addition to the few large ones you see on the sides.  If you have two snails you'll have more.  A friend gave me a water lilly for my water garden tub.  The snails were stowaways.  Anyway, here they are waiting to return to the water garden tub.  Just not yet.

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  1. I ate snails while on a visit to France. Dont care to eat them in USA though, hee hee. Cant wait to see your Water garden tub...

  2. We once had snails in our fish tank. They sure do multiply!


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