Monday, March 15, 2010

Concrete Blocks

This is a pallet with thirty 8"X8"X16" concrete blocks (with two big holes) and twenty-eight 4"X8"X16" concrete blocks (solid).  Different numbers because we had some blocks left over from another project.  My wonderful husband (whose legs are seen in this photo) and I used these blocks to build a new raised vegetable bed Saturday.  We set the ones with two holes so the holes were up and then we capped them with the solid ones.  That makes a good soil depth in the bed and closes all the holes so critters don't take up residence in the blocks.  They're also perfect to sit on while working in the garden and to walk on around the bed if needed.  We built a raised vegetable bed using this method three years ago.  It worked great.  So, we did it again.  My wonderful husband kindly lifted all the blocks in place while I leveled the soil for them.  We ended up with one extra block of each size and a very nice new pallet.  Any ideas on what to do with the pallet???

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