Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Every Drop Counts

Everyone talks about the weather.  Everyone asks, "how much rain did you get?"  Around here, if you don't have an answer, you can feel inadequate.  Having a rain gauge is almost a requirement for each household.  I have a larger rain gauge that was attached to a post but the arborvitae at the base of the post have been doing very well making it hard to get to the rain gauge.  So, I removed that rain gauge and am giving this one you stick in the ground a try for a while.  Obviously, it came from the American Red Cross.  My wonderful husband is a faithful blood donor.  I'm sure he was given the rain gauge during one of his donations.  It only reads to four inches.  It's very rare for us to get that much rain at one time, but it can happen during a crazy summer thunderstorm.  Then, I'll just have to say, "we got more than four inches."  During dry years, people like to say things like, "I have to get a new rain gauge.  Mine only got twenty hundreths."  I think we're past deep freeze weather that would break the rain gauge.  If not, I'll have to rescue it from the garden.  I put this rain gauge on the berm.  Out in the open to be as accurate as possible.  Don't want to be giving any wrong answers when asked, "how much rain did you get?"


  1. I track my rain too and wonder what I ever did without a rain gauge. I have a friend who records her rain. I don't go that far. Just so long as I've had one inch of rain per week I'm most happy. Cute rain gauge.

  2. I love both your avatar and title... brilliant! Rain? in the Pacific northwest is all winter and spring; summers are hot and dry and we do have a rain gauge but not sure why we don't use it. Sure was fun finding your blog.


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