Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Compost

Here is a photo of the new raised vegetable bed we built Saturday out of concrete blocks (1st photo). It sits next to our first raised vegetable bed that we build three years ago (2nd photo). It is an unusal shape because we were fitting it between a sidewalk, a fence, the trash area and an old tree stump that we were hoping to keep for a while as a bird bath stand. The tree stump is now gone. It was from an old cherry tree that died after we'd lived here a few years. It was the only tree on the property when we bought the place. The wire frames on the first raised vegetable bed are my various plant cages. I store them that way during the winter to deter the neighborhood cats from using the raised vegetable bed as a litter box. After building the new raised vegetable bed Saturday, we made a trip to our city compost site. Citizens take plant material there free of charge. City employees work it in long rows until it becomes compost. Then, citizens pick up the compost free of charge. It's great! We filled the bed of our pickup with compost, came home, filled the new raised vegetable bed with compost and top soil, top dressed the first raised vegetable bed, filled the flower bed we layed out on the lawn last weekend with a lot of newspapers, compost and top soil (3rd photo) and top dressed the berm (4th photo) where we grow strawberries, garlic and variable vegetables. Saturday night, we were very tired! But, just look at the glorious places I have waiting to be planted!

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  1. Those beds look great. I especially love the one out of broken concrete. This is a favored medium for me to use in my garden too. I get it from building sites I find and from Freecycle. I wish I could be planting in this bed right now! That's the fun part. Can't wait to see what you have planned.


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