Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Knew This Would Happen

On Thursday, it was sunny, breezy and 70 degrees.  I planted potatoes, peas, radishes and lettuce.  On Friday, it was snowing, windy and temperatures fell all day.  I knew this would happen.  The weather forecast said we'd have snow on Friday.  Each day of the week, the chance of snow got larger and the amount of snow got larger.  I planted anyway.  For one thing, every year it snows at least once after I put some seeds in the ground.  I figured I'd get it over early.  The weather forecast also calls for warmer weather again by Sunday.  The snow is already melting today.  So, I knew the cold weather wouldn't do any harm to seeds in the ground.  Plus, it's moisture!  We'll take any we can get.  I'm not sure the robins were on board with the snow though.  Note the cold looking robin in the photo with the potato containers (3rd photo.)

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  1. The moisture is great for sure. It'll make the seeds grow faster and soon you'll be eating the veggies.

  2. You are getting the year off to a good start! I finally planted some peas today. I do hope we don't have any of your snow, though. THanks for visiting Petunia's Garden. I have been away from the computer more than I like, but hope to post more often now. Paula


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