Monday, March 29, 2010

Making The Cut

Over wintered 09-10 part 5:
Just a quick post on the remaining plants waiting to return to the garden.  This poor looking thing (1st photo) is an impatien cutting which I took rather than bringing in the whole impatien container last fall.  It doesn't look great right now, but has actually bloomed off and on this past winter.  These plants (2nd photo) are the only two geranium cuttings I got to root this winter.  I don't know if they're white or purple and white Martha Washingtons.  These cuttings (3rd photo) are ice plant.  They bloom pink.  I can never get ice plant cuttings to root in soil.  I put them in this glass vase that hangs in a copper swing from the curtain rod where they make roots and then plant them in the container they'll live in for the summer when it gets hot out.  They look cool hanging in the window all winter.  I got the copper swing/vase holder from a vendor at a big city garden show I went to one year.  These ice plant cuttings really want to go outside looking at the sunshine and the side yard through the window.  But, not yet.

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  1. Something I need to try this year is taking cuttings. I've never tried, but I love that you can keep some of your favorite annuals year to year this way. A bonus if they bloom inside too.


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