Friday, March 5, 2010

New Cold Frames

This year's wish list of new things in the garden includes a cold frame.  I researched designs, considered ordering one, and studied the benefits and process of using a cold frame.  Most articles I read about cold frames said, "find an old window and build the box to fit it."  That would have been easier and faster, but I was worried something would break the window and I'd have glass shards in the garden.  So, we bought a piece of plexiglass and went from there.  Because of the size of the plexiglass sheet available, my wonderful husband decided we could build TWO cold frames.  The two we built cost together about the same as the one I was considering ordering, and they're both slightly larger! My wonderful husband cut all the cedar wood, drilled all the holes and assembled everything.  I cut the plexiglass and held the pieces while he screwed them together.  [Note on cutting the plexiglass:  what I really did was melt it along sharpie lines with a dremel bit that is now coated in plastic.]  Because of other activities in our life, the cold frames took two Saturday afternoons to complete.  Plus, we were redesigning the top as we worked.  The cold frames have two panes of plexiglass each that slide out for access to the plants.  They should be secure in strong winds even when open.  I placed one cold frame on an existing raised bed (1st photo) and the other cold frame on the ground (2nd photo.)  They are both easily accessible from a sidewalk. I tilled the soil and set them in place with thermometers inside.  I'm letting the soil inside get warm and planning the crops.

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  1. Ha! Thanks for the tip on melting the plastic. I tell you plastic can be so difficult to cut. I think the slide in and out thing is a brilliant idea.


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