Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Pile

"Honey, where do you want me to put these pampas grass stalks?" 
"On the pile."
"How about these peanut shells?"
"On the pile."
"Apple cores?"
"On the pile"

This is "the pile."  We removed an old shed from our backyard which left a rectagular hole.  We started throwing plant material in it from fall cleanups, spring cleanups, containers, the kitchen, etc.  Looking at this photo, I can see pampas grass stalks, dried decorative gourds, purple fountain grass with root balls from last year's containers, orange peels, miscellaneous potting soil from houseplants that died, etc.  Our city provides a free compost site where citizens can take plant material and get finished compost.  Currently, we're only getting compost as all our plant material is going into "the pile."  I have a compost tumbler but it's not really being used at this time because I have "the pile."  I guess weeds go into the compost tumbler because I don't want them growing in "the pile."  We did the same thing when we built the first raised vegetable bed and stole the great soil from the old garden spot leaving a hole.  It was next to the old shed.  I often refer to this part of the garden as "the wild area."  I occassionally plant something on purpose in "the wild area," but mostly I let whatever wants to grow there have its way.  Last year it was filled with bachelor buttons and then sunflowers, morning glories and gourd plants twined together.  There are a few determined iris plants that took root.  The new raised vegetable bed is encroaching on "the wild area," and we have future plans for the space.  Eventually, we won't have "the pile" anymore, and I'll use the compost tumbler and the city compost site better.  But this year, it will be fun to see what grows in "the wild area" on its own.

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