Friday, March 19, 2010

Radishes & Lettuce

First seeds in the new cold frames--radishes and lettuce.  I'm really looking forward to fresh lettuce and I've always loved radishes.  The cold frame on the first raised vegetable bed  is holding some radish seeds (cherrybelle and white icicle.)  The cold frame on the ground is half planted with lettuce (mesclun, salad bowl, grand rapids and paris island cos romaine.)  The backyard cottontail will be bummed that she can't get to the lettuce in the cold frame.

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  1. Gotta love fresh lettuce! We just ate some Chinese cabbage last night. Not too bad but definitely leafy. Lettuce is better especially when fresh. I say defy that rabbit at every turn and enjoy it!

    I clicked on your name and it said the 'blog is not available or in existence'. Odd. I had to go to my blog page to come here. You might check it out on your profile because others wouldn't be able to find your wonderful blog.


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