Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birdbaths, How Many Is Too Many?

I maintain a birdbath on our patio all year.  During the gardening season, I maintain four birdbaths.

This first birdbath is in the front yard right under our living room window.  It is a homemade birdbath from two used disc blades and a pipe.  (The base looks just like the top.)  Someone welded them together.  I got it free.  One of  the radio stations in town has a show where you can call in items to buy, sell, trade or giveaway.  It's been there for decades.  Way before ebay, free cycle, etc.  I hardly ever miss a show.  Anyway, one day someone had a free birdbath listed.  It was "out front, just pick it up."  I got lucky.  It was still there and just barely fit into my back seat.  I painted it black and it's been in service for at least five years.  The top disc blade is rusting a bit though.

This birdbath was a Christmas present from my wonderful husband's late paternal grandmother.  I remember her everytime I look at it.  It came in two pieces with an epoxy.  We stuck it together and sat it in the garden.  It's shallow which is great for many birds but dries out easily on hot windy days.  It's cute and has a prominent place in the back yard.  And, seems to be holding up well.  I think I've had it for almost ten years.  It looks exactly the same as the day we sat it in the garden.

This is the year round patio birdbath.  It's just a large container tray with a brick in it.  During the winter, it sits on what we use for the water garden.  All that black helps thaw the water except on the coldest winter days.  I'll put it on some clay pots for the gardening season.  It sits in the perfect spot for us to watch the birds from our kitchen table.

Here's another large container tray with a brick in it.  I try to have a birdbath near the vegetable garden.  Last year it sat on some stacked containers.  It used to sit on the stump of a cherry tree that died.  This year, it's on top of the two extra concrete blocks we had from building our new raised vegetable bed.

How many birdbaths do you have in your garden?

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  1. You can never have too many birdbaths. You have some great looking ones here. I know the birds are very happy at your house. Lucky you on the disk birdbath. Love it!

  2. We have a small yard so only three, but I'll have to confess I forget to fill them as often as I should. I know that's awful. I have a fountain that runs all the time though and the birds just love it. Happy Gardening!

  3. ~Marsha's Mpressions
    I'll be the sound of running water really brings in the birds. You have some great bird photos on your site.

  4. Great birdbaths. I like the grandma's especially. I am ashamed to say that I have none. I did buy a clay shallow pot that are used for bonsai to be used as birdbath a year ago and never ever put it in the garden, well it's more of a space for my plants than a GARDEN. Your post reminds me of it... Thank you. Hope some winged friends pay a visit to my birdbath which I plan to put tomorrow

  5. ~Chandramouli S
    Thanks for stopping by. You'll be rewarded for having a bird bath. Please post a photo on your site when you get it set up. I've see you visiting "In The Garden." Nice to meet you. Happy gardening!

  6. I have a waterfall that we put in 3 years ago next to a picture window in the dining room. We are forever enjoying the birds who stop to sip and bathe!! Enjoyed your site!

  7. I have one that we clamped to the side of our deck and whenever I'm out there I fill it with the hose. I have another one in the backyard woodland garden, and one in the front of the house. The one in the front is only filled if it rains...I never seem to get to that one!


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