Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gardening Off Sherlock Street...

The tulips are beautiful throughout town this week. These are photos of a yard I pass on my way to work. They planted tulips in the front lawn. This is the first year they've had tulips in front of the house. They also own the lot next door where they plant an extensive vegetable garden (there's no house on that lot). It's had tulips in the front lawn for a number of years but they're really full this year. I took these photos on Tuesday when it was very windy. Notice the trees. The tulips held on in the wind.


  1. Looks like a plot of land in Holland! They must put a smile on your face as you pass them each day. What a great gift to the community!

  2. ~Skeeter
    It sure does. I wrote a nice little note and mailed it to the gardener there. I think it's a multi generational garden with the oldest gentleman gardener living in the house. I often see him out in his overalls.

  3. Wow! that's a lot of tulips! And I thought planting 90 was a lot! LOL!

    In answer to your question about bringing wisteria blossoms inside, I don't know. I've actually never thought of doing that, but thanks for the idea. I'll let you know.


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