Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Bushier

I love seeing the new growth on our shrubs in the spring.
The candles on our mugo pine are really long this year.

The red twig dogwood is known for its beautiful bark that adds interest during the winter but I love the contrast of the little white flowers with the red bark in the spring the best.

The red twig dogwood is next to the lilac in the back yard.  I enjoyed the scent as I took these photos.  The smell is still wonderful!


  1. Your mugo pine is perfect! I have tried not less than three times to grow one here and they all perished:( What's the secret? Probably more sun than I have. Those candles are nice!

  2. ~tina
    Sun maybe the answer. I don't know. We planted it to hide the view of the gas meter from our patio. It gets a drink whenever we get really dry because I run my soaker hoses and one runs past it but otherwise, I have done nothing to it that is special. I keep a close eye on it though because pine wilt has made it into our area and if it starts on a tree, you have to destroy the tree which I really don't want to do.

  3. I haven't grown a mugo pine either. I always admire them but never seem to be able to find the right spot in my garden.

    Yours certainly is putting on a lot of growth this year.

  4. Mugo Pine, is that a candle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    Beautiful. Perhaps, it is one of the results of global warming, the extra long candles that is.

  5. Your red-twigged dogwood is further along than mine are. I really love the features of them!! I also saw a number of yellow-twigged dogwoods at the garden show in March--I think that I need to get a couple of those too!! The yellow is SO striking in person--much more than in seen in the catalogs (which is where I got my red-twigged ones!) Loved the pics!

  6. ~princessdiva
    I haven't seen yellow in person. If you get one, let us know! I got the red one from a local nursery. I've read that when they get big, they lose the color so you need to prune out the big branches to encourage more smaller ones. Mine's still all red so I haven't done that yet!


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