Thursday, April 22, 2010

Intoxicating Lilacs

It is an amazing year for the lilacs.

Last year, we got a freeze that did in most of the lilac buds.  I throughly pruned the lilac bushes last year and am being rewarded with a lot of flowers this year.  The lilac bushes are the only bushes that were here when we bought our house and I've left them where they were.  One is in the front yard and one is in the back yard.  They were very neglected when I got them.  There was a lot of serious pruning the first three years.  And, I do have to spray them each spring to keep the ash lilac bore from killing off canes.  I spray when they start to bloom and then every two weeks through May unless it rains a lot.  Then, they get sprayed sooner.  I wish you could smell the lilacs.  The scent is intoxicating!


  1. I think I'll be heading to prune my lilacs now. They are awesome! How low do you cut them? Or just prune out canes?

  2. ~tina
    After lilacs are done blooming, cut all the blooms off. Don't wait too long because they start making the area they'll bloom from next year right away. Often, a branch looks dead on the end. Snip those off back to a bud or branch. Also, cut out dead canes or any that look like they're really getting roughed up because they're crossing other canes and rubbing together in the wind. I usually take out any that look like they'll be too big to get with my pruner if they grow another year too. It seems to keep the plant looking more uniform. I was told by our extension agent that I have Korean lilacs. They don't get as big as most lilacs.


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