Friday, April 2, 2010

Mama Cottontail Must Have A Lot Of Faith

This mound of twigs, mulch and fur is a cottontail nest.  I discovered it while weeding last Sunday.  It is in a flower bed right off our patio.  In the open.  Completely exposed.  Our yard has a lot of nice shrubs where a cottontail nest would seem expected, but here it is in the wide open.  We do not have any pets, but our yard is open and an occasional dog will come through.  Plus, every cat in the neighborhood likes to "hunt" our yard.  I can't believe none of the cats (I can think of 5 off hand) have found this nest.  I know the cottontails ate my lettuce last year and they seemed to take a liking to our burning bushes when the bushes were small, but I kind of enjoy having the cottontails around.  Maybe it's because as a child this was one of my favoite books.

I've learned to fence in plants they like a lot.  A little nibbling is ok.  Last year, we had a lot of baby cottontails in the yard.  Looks like this year is starting out the same.

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  1. Awww, they are so cute. My son found a baby rabbit last year that the neighbor cats had found at his grandparents home. The poor thing was so cute but sadly did not make it. Cats are lethal to bunnies. It is awfully nice you don't mind them nibbling. I don't think I'd be so nice but the cats and dogs pretty much keep our yards clear. Have a Happy Easter!

  2. I have found rabbit nests in many unlikely places. Once, my friend and I found one right outside his door under a grass clump. We saw the clump moving and when we looked, we could lift the clump of grass like a lid. There were some very, very cute little bunnies asleep in there. I am happy to report that they all grew into healthy prairie rabbits.

  3. My nemesis. Ate my Gaura the first night it was in the ground. I'm thinking of putting up razor wire. I'm just saying.


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