Sunday, April 25, 2010

Picnic Table Part 3

It was a busy weekend, as usual.  A lot of gardening and non-gardening events.  My wonderful husband did get some time to work on the picnic table.  It is progressing!

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  1. Fun project--last spring 3 of my kids and I made Aidarondack chairs as their 4-H projects--we found the plans and "lessons" on No more projects like that for a while though--required entirely too much patience!!

  2. Good luck with your picnic table! It is nice to have a handy husband.

  3. Yes it is! I'm dying to know if you'll stain it and what color.

  4. Nice to have a handy husband! Good luck with your project

  5. ~tina
    We're just going to seal it and let it be natural. It should gray like the fence eventually and blend into the garden.

  6. Very nice. Looks quite promising. I look forward to seeing its completion.


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