Friday, April 16, 2010

Rain Gauge Report 2010 04 16

.60" of rain in the gauge.

Rain Barrel Status
1st rain barrel is full.
2nd rain barrel is full.
3rd rain barrel is full.

We had a nice thunderstorm last night.  Nothing severe.

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  1. Well done! Of course, every time I read about your rain barrels, I feel the guilt of not having set my barrels up yet :)

  2. ~David in Kansas
    You'll get to them. I'm amazed at your ambition with all your tomatoes!

  3. So nice to have all the rain. We have had several weeks of it and now are looking forward to mid to high 60's for several days. Our vegetables are going to be happy indeed! Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

  4. Got my hardware and drill bit to make my rain barrel just this morning. Can't wait to have full rainbarrels too! Have a great weekend.


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