Friday, April 9, 2010

Tour: Part 2

There are more photos on the Tour of Garden on Sherlock Street page in the right hand column. "The patio" and "the alley."  You'll see galvanized containers on the patio including two trash cans.  Yes, I plant in those.  I'm trying to change most of my outdoor containers to gavanized metal because I can leave them outside all year.  The patio is pretty blah right now, but come summer, it'll be full of plants.  The alley still has a large area of bermuda grass, but in the distance there are several self seeding flowers sprouted.  I'm working (slowly) to spread that all along the alley.  There is also a mulberry bush at the property line.  Our neighbor was instructed by the city to cut down the mulberry tree because it interferred with trash collection.   It resprouted.

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  1. Very nice patio. I can imagine nice barbeques out there relaxing in the evening.

  2. ~tina
    We like it. It'll be even nicer once our Hawthorne tree gets bigger and gives a bit more late day shade. And, working on the picnic table tomorrow!

  3. I love getting a tour of gardens. You've got lots of space to garden in. I love galvanized metal containers, I've got a couple of buckets I'm going to use this year.


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