Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tour: Part 3

There is another photo on the Tour of Garden on Sherlock Street page in the right hand column. "The side yard." Our neighbor's yard is higher than ours.  The concrete footing for the fence seemed really tall so there is a small slope of soil along it where I have some pretty hardy plants.  The thought is that one day, the fence at the end of this area will be taken down and we'll have a path all the way around the house.  I put in my plants to allow for this both here and in the corner of the front yard.  The bushes in the front have grown large enough that we can probably take down the fence and not have it feel so open.  A little "secret path."  But, it hasn't been a priority so we'll see.  Otherwise, this is where my shovel bird lives.  My uncle made him out of an old spade, rebar and miscellaneous metal he had around.

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