Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010 Containers Part 1

Here's what I planted in the containers in the front yard:

2 impatiens

1 wave petunia each

1 sweet potato vine (purple with maple leaves)
1 sweet potato vine (purple with heart leaves)

1 petunia and 1 calibrachoa each
I'm planning to also plant some purple hyacith bean seeds in the flower tower and let them whimsically twine around everything.

To be continued...


  1. No chance of sweet potatoes outside for a while for us, lucky you!

  2. ~The Cottage Garden Farmer
    Thanks for visiting Garden on Sherlock Street. There are more containers coming. I hope you'll check back to see what else I've got growing.

  3. We've had some really hot days here this week. My poor little plants look all droopy by the end of the day, only to perk up after a drink and a cool evening. I'll be glad when they root in a little better so they have some reserve!! Can't wait to see the pots in a month or two!

  4. ~princessdiva
    The wind has kinda roughed a few of them up since I planted them. Hope your little plants hang on too.

  5. I've given up doing pots/containers. Don't know why I'm not successful...well, yes I do.

    Anyway, I took the "tour" of your garden. Well done! I look forward to watching its development throughout spring and summer.

  6. ~Rebecca
    Thanks for visiting my garden. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour.


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