Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cedar Chip Soup

My wonderful husband wondered what I was carrying around the yard in a white bucket while I was planting the containers.  After checking it out, he dubbed it "Cedar Chip Soup."  I've tried different things to mulch my containers over the years:  straw, cypress mulch, cedar mulch, sphagnum moss, etc.  Then, one year I had some cedar bedding that you use in hamster cages leftover from another project.  I dumped it into a bucket, poured in some water and put it in the containers.  It worked great.  Now, I buy the cedar bedding on purpose.  The process is very messy.  My WH grabbed the camera to show what I was doing.

One annoying thing about showing a process on a garden blog--you have to constantly wash your hands to take the photos.  Unless you like your camera caked with grim.


  1. I use cotton seed hulls (found at your local friendly grain CO-OP). They also work especially well in pots because they are so small and fluffy. They conform well in the small buckets. It seems it may be less messy than your process, but probably doesn't work any better than the cedar chips! Enjoy!

  2. ~princessdiva
    I've heard about cotton seed hulls but haven't investigated them. Always good to know about options.


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