Monday, May 3, 2010

Changing My Mind

I make a lot of lists. My whole life contains lists. I have many lists for the garden. This is my container list. These are the big pots I put out for the growing season. The odd little characters behind the names are to indicate that those are matching containers. I have 'b' for back yard and 'f' for front yard written to the left. I write what I think I want to plant in each container. I make a shopping list for my favorite local greenhouse. When I get the plants home, I adjust the container list because they didn't have someting I was wanting and I picked up other plants that I hadn't planned on. I browse other garden centers bringing home different plants for the containers. I change my mind, cross off a plant. Change my mind back, write down a plant. Other gardeners give me plants. I write them on the list (the plants, not the gardeners). Containers find new homes as one on this year's container list was given to someone (with plants). Anyway, amidst the picnic table construction this past weekend, I was preparing my containers and changing my container list. It's a nice productive mess don't you think? A post on what the containers actually became is soon as I update the list.

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  1. You are really organized. Every year I try to plan my containers, and every year I come home with random plants and try to make them work together in a pot. In fact I just came inside from doing that. Maybe for my last few pots I can try your method.


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