Monday, May 10, 2010

Containers Completed. Seeds Scattered.

Sunday was productive in the garden even if it was windy all day. 

First of all since we couldn't leave town this weekend, I called my mom to wish her a "Happy Mother's Day."  Had a nice visit which included discussing our gardens.  Her garden was hit by the frost Friday evening.  She and dad covered up a lot of plants and got up early to water the potatoes, but the potatoes blackened anyway.  It must have been below freezing for some time at the farm.  She said the water in the garden hose was frozen.  The potatoes should recover (they plant too many potatoes to even consider covering them.)  Everything else was protected. 

Then, I began planting seeds. 

First I finished the containers.

purple hyacinth bean and alyssum
(sorry the container is in the shade for this photo)

fancy leaf caladiums


I planted the new flower beds we constructed out of saved concrete chunks removing a lot of sod in the process.

The flower bed by the berm has alyssum, snapdragon, sweet pea, sweet william, zinnia and a cut flower bouquet seed packet I got free from our phone company.

The flower bed by the picnic table has purple hyacinth bean, snake gourd, ornamental gourd mix, nasturtium and zinnia.

I used the garden hose on the house faucet to water all of this in today.  I sprinkled a little straw on each of the new flower beds, watered the straw and then I placed some tree limbs over them to keep the neighborhood cats and the doves from digging in there. 

I planted more of the nasturtium, ornamental gourd mix, snake gourds and pumpkins in the wild area next to the pile.

Then, I tackled the bean, spaghetti squash, acorn squash, cucumber, yellow squash, zucchini, basil, cilantro, parsley and a gourmet herb blend seed packet that I also got free from our phone company.  I put some nasturtium seed by all the squash seeds too because I read somewhere that nasturtium helps deter squash bugs.  Never tried that before but I figure it can't hurt.  All the vegetables were watered from the rain barrels.  I'm somewhere below half on the rain barrel supply.

I also moved the potato containers away from some vigorously growing bachelor buttons so they can get more sunlight.

After logging everything I planted, I cleaned up so my wonderful husband and I could meet up with his mom, dad and other family for a Mother's Day Supper.

It was another good day all around.

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  1. Wow! Your Mother's Day was WAY more productive than mine. I barely got to the plants at all!

  2. You really got a lot accomplished! Good idea to use tree limbs to keep the cats and birds out. The birds ate all of my lettuce seed, after replanting the slugs then ate the lettuce that sprouted. Guess I'll have to try again.
    I love the galvanized containers you use.

  3. ~David in Kansas
    I was determined to get a lot done because we have other events planned for the next few weekends.

    I don't think the tree limbs will keep all the birds out but the doves have been taking dust baths in the new beds so I'm hoping they won't find a big enough spot this way.



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