Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Kohlrabi

In March, I planted kohlrabi.  At the time, I asked if anyone else planted kohlrabi because other than my family, I've never found anyone who does.  Catherine and tina both commented that thay might try kohlrabi.  Did you ladies plant some?

Wednesday night, I spotted the first kohlrabi of the season.

I pulled it out.

I pulled all the leaves off.

Then, I cut off the root and the top.

I peeled all around it like peeling an apple to get the outside tough skin off.  You can see where it's "woody" while you're peeling it.

Then, before I realized that my photo was a little blurry, my wonderful husband and I ate it!  We love the first organic kohlrabi of the season.


  1. I love 'em! My grandfather used to raise them. Along with white radishes and cabbage hearts, these were some of my favorite vegetables. Strange, huh?

  2. I never have eaten nor grown one. What does it taste like? I imagine its requirements are similar to broccoli and cabbages.

  3. Kohlrabi are wonderful...ours aren't quite ready. Some plants marked as "cauliflower" turned out to be kohlrabi so we will have plenty. Love cabbage hearts and white radishes too! Hopefully we will have plenty of Brussels sprouts (which we call "baby cabbages").

  4. I planted Kohlrabi & it hasn't done anything. Stayed too cool then very hot. Guess that is why. My radishes didn't do anything either. I planted 2 different kind.
    Some things are winter veggies here.

  5. Well, I had to google that one. I have never tasted it or heard of it before. I will have to try it... :)

  6. ~Rebecca
    I also like white radishes but haven't tried cabbage hearts.

    ~David In Kansas
    I think they taste like mild cabbage. They're crisp to bite into like a denser radish.

    Some years it's hard to know why.

    They do best when it's cooler. So, if it's too warm for you now maybe try them in the fall.


  7. I never did find any. Maybe next year I can plan ahead earlier to try them. They are really unusual looking. It's always great to enjoy eating something fresh from the garden.


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