Thursday, May 20, 2010

Found It

I've been searching for something in the garden this month worried that one wouldn't appear.  We had one last year.  I thought the plant was perrenial.  It's not.  I should have gathered seeds last fall.  This spring, I found the seed pods still intact.  I scattered them and raked the soil hoping for one again.  Last night, I found one.  It's in the wild area, next to the pile, behind another rouge iris (grape Kool-Aid scented), now enclosed by a small wire fence.

A moon flower plant!  Our amazing gardening neighbor always had these in her front yard and the large white blooms are just spectacular.  It blooms at night, or on very cloudy days.  I have one again!


  1. I have never had luck with these. Can't wait to watch yours grow!

  2. I'm not sure I've ever SEEN one. I'll be waiting to watch yours grow along with Darla!

  3. Hope you have a flash for the camera. I'd like to see that one.

  4. I've never tried these but I remember seeing pictures of them last year on some blogs. I hope yours does really well.
    PS I love that iris.

  5. ~Darla
    I'll keep you posted.

    When it blooms, it's easy to see! I'll get photos.

    Rouge irises are great!


  6. I have never seen either rouge irises or a moonflower plant before.

    Have you ever ordered plants online?
    That may be the only way I'll e able to find interesting things (I live in South Texas).


  7. ~Laura
    I typically order a few plants each year but I get a lot of plants from generous gardening friends. Like the iris and the moon flower.

  8. I saw you over at Glendas' Friday Flaunt so I had to stop over and say " Happy Friday!"

  9. ~Bren
    Hi. Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you again soon.


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