Friday, May 7, 2010

Frost Advisory!!! No!!!

Our forecast for tonight has a possibly low of 30 degrees.  Brrrr.
Frost Advisory!

I moved all the containers I could into the garage.  Including the top three pots of the flower tower.  It can be disassembled if needed.  They're hanging out with the new picnic table and benches that are still drying a bit.

If I couldn't move it, I covered it.

Tender sprouts like these cantaloupe are covered too.

If we actually get a frost, I'll go out and water my peas and such in the morning.


  1. Our forecast is mid 30's tonight and low 40's tomorrow night--YUCK!! I'm sure that will not be appreciated by those warm loving produce plants!! And next week lots of chances of storms--ARRH! Tis the season--Hope you guys fare well up your way!!

  2. Hope it doesn't get that cold. It looks like you have things well protected though.

  3. Hopefully, it all went well.


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