Friday, May 28, 2010

If We Have To

We put it off as long as we could, but it is time. Time to mow. We don't like mowing.

Shortly after we got married, we rented a small house with a large yard. There was a place to plant vegetables and a couple of flower beds, but most of the yard was grass. There were some nice trees, but mostly grass. The landlord left a riding mower for us to use (the place used to be his mother's), but the riding mower died about half way through the first time we tried to mow with it. A nice neighbor mowed for us until we bought a basic gas powered push mower.

Nothing fancy. Not self propelled. It has the big back wheels which were the new thing at the time for easier manuvering. This is the only mower we've ever owned. It's a trooper. That large yard took two hours to mow allowing one little break. We didn't have to mow at the next place we rented. Then, we bought our house. There was a lot more grass when we moved in. We've been removing sod at a regular clip. Basically, this little patch is the entire lawn since I'm removing the lawn from the back yard and alley.

It has a nice shape and is low maintenance. Bermuda grass is very durable. It only grows when it's warm. We only mow from sometime in May to sometime in September. Here's what we do to the lawn: 1. pull weeds. 2. mow. We don't feed it, water it, rake it, aerate it, spray it. Nothing else. We have some dead spots. We are not concerned. The grass will fill back in. Here's what we use the lawn for: 1. Nothing. When we want to throw frisbees or something like that, we go to the city park a block away. Someday, the lawn will be gone completely. While I have a few ideas of what to do with the space, I haven't settled on anything. So, until then, we pull weeds and mow. I timed it and it takes 7 minutes to get out the mower, start it, mow the front lawn and return with mower to the garage.  It then takes 7 more minutes to push the mower out to the alley, start it, mow the grass patch by the alley and return with mower to the garage. We go as long between mowings as possible. We refuse to mow more than once a week. Here's the lawn after being mowed.

Wasn't that an exciting transformation. I tease.

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  1. We have WAY too much lawn to mow. I can't do it because my knees will ache for 24 hours (our ground is just uneven enough to aggravate aging joints). Husband doesn't seem to mind, but it takes him a long time - and there's been a LOT of mowing this spring. My dream would be to reduce it to 7 minutes! Congratulations.

  2. Lucky you! I wish that was all we had to mow. We have St. Augustine. I call it crab grass because that is what it looks like. My dog doesn't even like to walk on it and avoids it when possible.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. We spent the first year removing all of the grass at our house. I was so relieved when I sold our electric mower. Since we live on a small city lot, the lawn was more of a lawnette like the one you have. With a huge city park at the top of our neighborhood, we didn't really need the grass.

    I am a big believer in the removal of grass when possible. We have wildlife everywhere, our house looks great, and we never have to mow. I know it is hard to get rid of, but kudos to you for doing it!

  4. ~Rebecca
    I feel for your husband mowing.

    You're too cute.

    My hope for you is less lawn.

    Great minds think alike! I knew I couldn't be the only person who wants to lose the lawn.


  5. Im late to the party! I found you at the same blog you found me! Im enjoying starting at the beginning of your blog.
    We must be too eager for newbie homeowners, as we have a push mower but only as much grass as you. I was pretty excited to fertilize it for our first time-hoping to chase away the weeds next year! His job: mowing, mine is weeding :)


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