Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's A Fish Tale

The water garden tub isn't complete until there are fish in it.  Over the years, I've gotten fish from a local greenhouse that carries water garden supplies and from my parents' cattle tank on the farm.  This year's fish came from a pet store in town.  Six gold fish.  28 cents each, plus tax.

I let the bag float in the water garden tub for a little while. 

After I open the bag, I put a little of the water garden tub water into the bag with the fish.

Are you all doing OK?

Then, I let the bag sink into the water garden tub taking on more water and I coerce the fish to leave the bag.

Here are five of the gold fish in their new home.  The other one was hiding under the fountain area.  There are several snails in here already and a little hornwort plant which really needs to get growing.  A friend who has given me water lilies in the past told me his lilies look kinda stressed this year and aren't as thick so it may be a sparsly planted water garden tub this year.

That completes my container list for 2010!


  1. Too fun! New fish are always so exciting. Your water garden is a very nice idea.

  2. I have always wanted to try some type of water garden. What fun!

  3. Those are some really pretty goldfish, what a deal! I love your water garden.


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