Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Frost And 2010 Containers Part 2

I was out at 6:30 am and all looks good in the garden.  It didn't get as cold as predicted and I didn't see any frost in our neighborhood.  I'll uncover all the plants later and move the pots from the garage when it warms ups a bit more.  It is 34 degrees currently.  I had the following post put together a day ago.  So, even though the containers aren't currently in these locations, here's what I planted in the containers in the back yard:

1 purple fountain grass

1 purple fountain grass

4 vinca and 1 sweet potato vine (green) each

1 geranium and 1 bacopa

1 geranium and 1 bacopa

4 impatiens each

1 wave petunia, 1 dianthus (it survived from last year) and 1 bacopa

1 sweet potato vine (varigated)

3 geraniums

1 verbena

water, 3 small clay pots (upside down), 1 strawberry pot (upside down), 1 fountain and 1 decorative snail that my uncle made out of a rocker arm (that's part of an engine)
I've added some hornwort, the snails and will get a few fish on a warmer day.  The main reason for the water garden tub is for the soothing sound.

Since the water container got situated for the summer, I brought out some clay pots to hold the bird bath on the patio.

To be continued...


  1. Yay!! No frost! Have a wonderful weekend in the garden.

  2. It looks great at your house. Love that birdbath. I can't believe you almost got frost, but it was 38F here this morning believe it or not. Nothing was hurt though.~~Dee


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