Saturday, May 8, 2010

Perfect Gardening Day

After freaking out about Friday night's Frost Advisory for our area, we were given a beautiful day to work in the garden.  Mostly sunny sky, light wind, pleasant temperature.  Perfect.  My wonderful husband and I worked in the garden all day. 

First, let me catch you up on the containers...

I moved the three geraniums that I overwintered out into the garden earlier in the week.  They each have a home for the summer.  The classic white geranium and the purple and white Martha Washington geranium are on our front porch.

The  fuschia ivy geranium is on the patio.

The asparagus fern was divided into three pieces.  One piece was repotted into the same pot and will live on the patio.

The other two pieces went into hanging baskets just off the patio.  I'll add some cuttings from the fuschia ivy geranium after I know it's comfortable in its new home.

You may remember that I also had two geranium cuttings and an impatien cutting that I overwintered.  Well, with all the outside gardening keeping me busy.  I forgot to water them.  They died.  Sigh.

Last weekend, we laid out another flower bed with some of the concrete pieces we'd saved from removing a shed.  Our plan to rid the backyard of the lawn is progressing. 

Today, we put down a lot of newspaper to smother the grass and filled the new flower bed with compost and top soil. 

We also used newspaper and cedar mulch to smother out another large area of the lawn making a place for the new picnic table which is done!  My WH did a great job on it.  Here I am checking out the new flower bed from one of the benches.

Then, we had to decide which way to set the picnic table.



Well, it is movable.

My WH caught me fighting with a new soaker hose for the new flower bed at some point during the picnic table moving process.

We resorted to draping the soaker hose in the locust tree for a while to get it to straighten out.

The strawberries are looking really good and setting fruit.

So, we put netting over them to keep the birds from eating the strawberries.  I use clay pots to hold down the netting.

I also planted the five plants which arrived Thursday.

It was a perfect gardening day!

And, what is the plan for tomorrow?

Planting seeds.


  1. I love that idea of hanging the soaker hose up to straighten out, I always have difficulty getting it to lie straight!

  2. A perfect gardening day indeed! i think the frost warning was over rated-at least here. So glad too!


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