Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pining For Peonies

I'm not sure what year I planted my peony bush.  It was tiny when I planted it.  I knew it wouldn't bloom for a few years.  A couple of years ago, it had one bloom.  Last year, it had three blooms.  This year, I count at least eight!

Some of them are starting to open.


  1. Awesome! My favorite flower!

  2. What a pretty Peony. They are sure slow to get blooming. The one I planted last year has one whole bud this year. I guess this is one of those plants that are worth being patient for.

  3. ~tina
    Even more peonies were open this evening!

  4. Very pretty! My fern peony is blooming, put the other haven't started yet. I can't wait!

  5. Our peonies are finally starting to bloom too. Aren't they just the lovliest of the spring beauties?
    Also, just wanted to let you know I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger award. Please see my post of today. Congrats!

  6. I bought some type of double peony mix last year and was surprised at how many blooms it had this year. The shades are bright pink like yours, a white, and a light pink. I also have that wild snapdragon from a gardening friend--glad to know what it's real name is--mine has gone to town!!

  7. ~Bonnie
    Flowers are coming your way!

    ~Window On The Prairie
    Thank you. I'll stop by soon!

    Sounds like you got a great peony deal!
    Isn't that wild snapdragon so pretty and easy?


  8. That is a beautiful bloom! I am not able to grow thease beautiful flowers out here in So Cal. The heat is too much for them. But there is a david Austin rose caled MARY ROSE which with her blooms can pass for a peony. So I do grow her. Thank's for dropping by today....Julian


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