Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rose Deficiency

There are no roses at Garden on Sherlock Street. 

Take a deep breath.
It's ok.
I didn't mean to shock you.

There is no declaration that there will be no roses at Garden on Sherlock Street.  It just hasn't happened.  I did have a lovely group of miniature red tea roses.  They were a gift and did great for quite a while.  I think they started to decline when the locust tree started shading their space.  I should have moved them but other things got my attention.  This spring, it became obvious that the one remaining miniature red tea rose, wasn't coming back.  I have let other flowers have the space.  As I continue to remove sod from the garden, I may find a place to put some roses again in the future.  In the mean time, I am enjoying all the rose photos on everyone else's blogs.  This past weekend, my wonderful husband and I found time to walk through the Reinisch Rose Garden at Gage Park in Topeka, KS

There are tons of buds waiting to open so I'm sure there will be roses blooming there for weeks to come.  Here's a tiny sample of the amazing roses.

There is a water garden in the center and the lilies were blooming.

We also stopped to admire the beautiful peonies.

We threw some water on some plants when we returned home Sunday evening but nothing else got done this past weekend at Garden on Sherlock Street.  Too many family gatherings and too many miles to drive.


  1. OMGosh how beautiful. Roses are the first thing for me and I've lost my fair share to benign neglect. I'm waiting for the legend that states, "all that is needed is to plant them", riiight.

  2. Oh yes, those families do take up time don't they? Time invested in people is the best investment I know of. One day I will have beautiful roses...great Rose Garden you visited.

  3. Such a variety of pretty roses. I love the color of the first photo. I bet they were very pretty to see in such mass plantings. The peonies are very pretty, too! Enjoyed your visit. :)

  4. ~Dawn
    Roses are worth the effort, but easy ones would be appreciated.

    Time with family is always good.

    The color variety was overwhelming. I only took close ups of the ones that caught my eye quickly as we walked through.


  5. Roses (the flowers) are beautiful, I agree. Roses (every other part of the plant), not so much. I they could only bloom year round.

    And, no worries, we don't have roses, either.

  6. What a beautiful place! That looks like a fun way to spend a day. I love the different colors and types of flowers.
    Maybe you and I both need to start removing sod for a spot for a rose? :)

  7. ~Turling
    The thorns definetly make roses a challenge in a small space like mine. I have so much I want to squeeze in. Many of my plants come out of the beds to say, "hi."

    My front lawn will come out eventually, maybe I should put one in there to stop the mail man from walking through.


  8. That is a great rose garden! So many varietys. There is a couple aboretums about an hours drive from wher we live. I plan to visit once im feeling better. Have a good day in the garden...Julian

  9. Can never see enough flower pics. Loved seeing the peonies, mine haven't opened yet!

  10. ~bakingbarb
    More flower photos is always good!

    ~Tallulah's Antique Closet
    It's nice to have those places to visit. I was glad the family reunion was later in May this year so I could visit the roses too.


  11. My husband and I haven't had a chance to get down to Gage park yet this year, but we have to go after looking at your lovely pics.

  12. So many flowers! They renew the spirit for sure.

  13. With such a lovely rose garden to visit, you needn't mourn the lack of them in your own yard! Beautiful, beautiful! We haven't visited our local rose garden yet. Your pictures whetted my appetite to do this!

  14. ~Window On The Prairie
    Do go if you can!

    ~David In Kansas
    We definetely stopped and smelled the roses!

    Gotta go see the roses whenever you can.



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