Friday, May 21, 2010

This, That And The Other

Isn't this a glorious color combination?  Dame's Rocket (purple) in the background, wild snap dragon (yellow) in the middle and irises (peach) from our amazing gardening neighbor in front.
Here are the wild snap dragons up close.

I got this plant from a local garden club during its annual plant giveaway. I was told it is wild snap dragon but don't know for sure. If you know it as another name, please let me know. It is shallow rooted and spreads a bit.  It is very drought tolerant.
Here are some of the daisies along our front walk way.

I have three hardy geraniums.  One hasn't bloomed yet.
This one is "Ballerina."

This one is "Patricia." It has the sweetest blooms.

The Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn is blooming.  We just call it Hawthorn like it's a person.  "Come on Hawthorn, grow.  We want some more shade."  It makes a small red fruit in the fall.

Here are my zuchinni seeds just sprouting.

And look who sprouted in the kitchen...spinach.


  1. Yes that first photo is a great color combination. Your daises are so compact, love them. Congrats on the veggies.

  2. Gorgeous color combination!

  3. You'll soon be flooded with veggies! (Spinach & zuchinni...) Our "wild" geraniums have bloomed and dropped their flowers already. Yours are so pretty.

    Our fall hardy mums are already quite large! Sometimes they say to cut them back the first of June...I think I'll need to do it a week or two early to enjoy flowers in the late summer/early fall.

  4. ~Darla
    The daisies grow like a carpet sometimes and are thickest for their first bloom. I just let them do their thing.

    Thanks for coming by.

    My hardy mums are just getting going. One area looks a little sparse this spring. I hope they fill in. Sounds like yours are happily growing.


  5. Everything looks great. I love that first photo!

  6. The wild snapdragon is called Toadflax. It's a native of Europe and Asia, but has naturalized in America. It will spread thru your garden, but not invasive - it just fills in gaps, and it's easy to pull out where you don't want it.

  7. I love your walk way daisies! They would make me happy just to walk by them because they look so cheery. I like the hawthorn and it seems to be listening to you. I'm going to add you to my blog roll. Have a good weekend. :)

  8. ~Bonnie

    ~Window On The Prairie
    Thanks for the info on toadflax. It is a great filler and I sometimes pull it from the path.

    Thanks for the blogroll listing. Daisies are great at making people smile. They're one of my sister-in-laws' favorite flower. I give some to her whenever I can.


  9. OMGosh! What lovely irises!They make me melt every time!
    We have a Hawthorn that finally grew to 10 feet but no flowers yet! I'm doing the coaxing thing with it too. Must be the theme of that tree!

  10. I love the orange/peach iris's....they are so pretty!

  11. ~Dawn
    Grow Hawthorn grow!!




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