Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Trashy Place

Between the first raised vegetable bed and the concrete pad we park the trash bin on is a little strip of garden that has been taken over by dill.  Occassionally, a larkspur, four o'clock or bachelor button will grow there.  Various weeds are pulled from the space; but mostly, it is filled with dill.  I grow dill for the swallowtail butterfly caterpillars.  And, it smells nice.

Out past the concrete pad we park the trash bin on is a patch of mint.  It is contained by the concrete pad, and the alley road mostly.  I have to do a little digging to keep it from creeping to far the other directions.  With the mint, we also have bachelor buttons and a very nice stand of daisies.  Daisies are doing great this year at Garden on Sherlock Street.  I usually mow the mint once during the summer to keep it from getting too tall and bushy.  It makes my mower (and the garage) smell nice for weeks.


  1. What a great idea - to surround your trash containers with such wonderful scents!

  2. You made a "trashy" place look very cheery. I love daisies. They look pretty with the blue larkspur.

  3. I can't imagine having to mow mint. I have not been able to grow it. Last year, when I was sowing my mint seeds, my sister-in-law said to me:"Friends don't let friends grow mint". I am nursing a tiny mint sprig right now in hopes that some day I will have to mow my mint.

  4. ~Rebecca
    Thanks. I'll use any space I can to add flowers.

    ~David in Kansas
    Don't fret over the mint too much. I don't think it likes to be messed with much. You get that plant going and you'll have mint to mow!


  5. Oh, wow! That is a wonderful idea to place scents by the trash.
    I'm with David though. My m-i-l gave me a pot of mint and said "can't kill it", well I felt so bad when the poor thing withered out. It figured it would be me to be able not to grow it.

  6. I have published another blog page. I have missed over a year I did not think they were going to let write any more at all. My daisy are not blooming. Yours sure are pretty.


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