Saturday, May 29, 2010

Waves Of Love

I've mentioned before that I have love-in-a mist self seeding in my garden.  It grows thickly around the corner of the patio with strays sprinkled out into the path and beyond.  I also have quite a bit getting established in the alley where I'm encouraging self seeding flowers.

The flowers are opening!  There will be more, but I've already have the most love-in-a-mist blooms I've ever had at one time.  I couldn't even get them all in one photo.

I love photographing love-in-a-mist.  I'll get the seed pods later this summer.


  1. I tried love in a mist once, it self seeded a plant or two, but then the reseeding orange cosmos crowded it out! I'll have to try again some day. By the way, I want to have your 7 minute mow job!! (not that I should complain, I have two barely teenage guys to mow mine--but only with a lot of heckling and nagging, and a cut in quality performance :-0)

  2. That is a lot and they look so pretty! Mine just started to bloom, but they are nowhere near that thick. Maybe they'll reseed a bit more this year, I love them.

  3. ~princessdiva
    Orange cosmos??? I've only had pink, white and such in the past. Mine didn't stick around but a couple of years. I have a place where more orange flowers would be nice. LOL on the boys mowing. Good luck keeping that going for the summer.

    I let the seed heads rattle in the breeze and when I tire of them, I pull them out but mash all the pods on the soil to keep all the seeds in the area.


  4. Beautiful, lacy looking plants and delicate blooms. They must love your soil!


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