Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome Jackmanii

I've been wanting a clematis in my garden for a number of years. More than five years ago, I bought a round iron trellis and found the perfect spot for it. Then, I bought a clematis and planted it. I don't remember what variety it was just that it was suppose to have large white blooms. It died. In retrospect, It wasn't the healthiest looking plant to begin with and I think it drowned because the soil was so poor where I planted it that it wouldn't drain well and I watered it faithfully like the tag said. After that, I planted purple hyacinth beans for the round iron trellis each year. They're fun and I plan on planting some in other areas this year but they've been evicted from the round iron trellis. I've been improving the soil preparing for another clematis. The search began at the beginning of April for a 'Jackmanii' clematis at the garden centers in our area. I'd seen a number of references about how hardy the variety is. Sunday, I found 'Jackmanii.' It will have deep purple flowers. Although, I don't know if it will bloom this first year in our garden. It is a healthy looking plant; came tied to a little stake, and has a one year warranty! It has been planted, watered and mulched. No pressure Jack, but I've have high hopes for you!



  1. I bet it will bloom. I just love the Jackmanii. Your trellis is really nice.

  2. It will look spectacular. Does it stay compact, or will it overtake the ironwork?

  3. You will love Jackmanii, it's by far the fastest growing of mine and blooms profusely. I love the trellis too, that's similar to what mine grows on. Yours looks very healthy, I hope you're posting blooms before too long.

  4. ~tina
    I sure hope so!

    It should take over the iron trellis and unless I've misunderstood, this variety gets cut back each spring to resprout because it blooms on new growth.

    Do you cut yours back in the spring?


  5. It's funny you posted this today as last night I decided to borrow a couple of cuttings from my mother in law's Clematis. I don't know what variety she grows but they beautiful.

  6. I actually usually cut it back in the fall, and it's always come back bigger and better in the Spring.

  7. You may get a bloom or two this season--Jackmani is beautiful!! I found one called Nellie Mosher (a light lavender) variety at Walmart a couple years ago (cheaper than the several that I killed before that) so I bought two, planted them and then waited for them to die!! They are surviving and both have buds and are looking quite good for the start of their third season!! You'll love it!


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