Saturday, May 15, 2010

What We're Eating From The Garden

We've been enjoying organic salads from the garden--lettuce and radishes.  My second planting of spinach, however, did not sprout.  So, I'm trying a more monitored approach.  I soaked some planting mix in two clay pots over night while soaking some spinach seeds in a jar.  Friday morning, I planted the seeds, covered them with more planting mix and sprayed them good.

Then, I topped each pot with a plastic plant saucer.

I placed the two pots in a warm corner of the kitchen.  When they sprout, I'll move them to a sunny spot.  Maybe I got some bad seeds.  We'll see.

Otherwise in the vegetable garden, the tomatoes and peppers are fine.  My little cantaloupe sprouts are good.  The kohlrabi are growing and the carrots are sprouting.  Dill often self seeds in my vegetable plantings (and all around them.)  So, I'm always wondering, "is it a carrot or dill?"  When I start to get a nice row, I'm confident they're carrots.  My peas are struggling.  I think it's because the new raised vegetable bed doesn't have the awesome soil I've cultivated over the years in the first raised vegetable bed.  Maybe the recent rains will help them.  Most of the onions are looking good.  I planted every little start and some of the puny ones just didn't really get going.  The other vegetables were just planted last Sunday and haven't sprouted yet.  Oh, the garlic is looking beautiful and the strawberries continue to set fruit!


  1. I had the same trouble with my Swiss chard this year. Last year I had a bumper crop, this year it just struggled along no matter what I did. Weird! Sounds like your garden is doing well. Enjoy!

  2. I put all my cucumber and watermelon seeds in pots to sprout--I tend to have better luck that way--hope to put them in the garden this week--I also planted 6 varieties of pumpkin seeds last week and we noticed them right below the surface of the soil, sprouting away! Yahoo!! Enjoy the yummy "fruits" of you labor!!

  3. You sound like you have much better success with vegetables than I do. We tried onions last year with no success, I guess I thought they seemed easy.
    I just found what I think is a dill volunteer which I'm glad of.
    I hope your Spinach sprouts. I can't wait to see how your cantaloupe looks like on the vine. I've always thought it would be fun to try growing, but it's just not warm enough here.

  4. ~Jeanne
    I guess there's always something that has to be a challenge.

    Wow. Six types of pumpkins! Fun. Sounds like your crops are sprouting well. Yea!

    Sun and warmth are definetly needed for vegetables. Dill is great for swallowtail butterflies. That's who I grow it for anyway. Sometimes, I put tender sprigs in a salad.



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