Thursday, June 3, 2010

Along The Driveway

I have a very hardy variety of salvia growing along our driveway.  I don't know what variety it is.  I got it from our amazing gardening neighbor a number of years ago.  I have a patch of it in the back yard too, and am getting some started on the other side of our driveway along the edge of the forest.  It has already started blooming.  The bees and butterflies love this salvia.  It gets quite tall.  I often have to cut off some along the driveway edge because it flops out onto the concrete.  By mid-summer, my wonderful husband often says, "I feel like I'm driving through the salvia when I pull into the driveway."  It gets tall enough he sees it just outside is full size truck's window.  I deadhead it often to keep more blooms coming.  In the fall, I cut down the foliage so I can see the daffodils in the spring that grow in this bed too.  It resprouts fine and self seeds.  I often have to pull out extra plants in areas where I don't want it.  Like in the cracks of the driveway.


  1. I've got a good case of Salvia-Envy! Blue is actually my favorite color in the garden - and I have very little of it.

  2. I love salvia -- it grows well on the prairie and looks so good in bouquets for the hosue.

  3. I have never grown salvia myself but my dad always grew the red variety. Your driveway is lovely lined with this variety. Isn't it funny how plants come up so easily in a small crack in the driveway??? We have black eyed Susans to do that and they just thrive!!!!!! Hope your day is great.

  4. Just beautiful. Wonder if it's Blue Bedder Salvia..mine gets quite tall and has soft shiny leaves....

  5. That is a nice welcome as you drive up to your house! I love blue flowers. Flowers like the cracks in driveways and crushed granite paths.:)

  6. Your salvia looks very pretty bordering the drive. I have a similar border--salvia and catmint with some iris. I just added a pink oenothera that is doing well altho it looks odd among all the blue.

  7. Oh my, your salvia is beautiful! I have salvia and it does not look that great! Do you fertilize it? Thanks for dropping in to see me this morning, loved your visit! By the way, love your blogger name!


  8. I must stand corrected--the yarrow is called coronation gold. And can't remember where I got the pink yarrow--probably our local nursery--nor does the name stick in my mind. It may be paprika, if that is not the name of the red one! Have a great day

  9. ~Rebecca
    I like a lot of blue (purple) in the garden. Hope you can find a salvia for yours.

    I really need to bring in more bouquets of it. It does well in a vase.

    I'm hoping to find a place for some red salvia eventually. Next to purple, I love red.

    I don't consider the leaves of mine to be too shiny. They're kind grayish and matte.

    Isn't it funny the places seeds will choose to sprout. Maybe they feel "safe" in the cracks.

    ~Roses and Lilacs
    I think the pink and blue (purple to me) would be a nice combination. Although, I'm sure the pink looks brighter.

    ~Nancy's Notes
    Thank you. I wish I had a secret formula to tell you for your salvia. I do not fertilize mine other than the natural compost it gets from mulch and other plants breaking down around it. In the winter we pile a lot of snow from our driveway right on top of its space (I cut it down in the fall so I can see the daffodils in the bed in the spring.) My wonderful husband likes to say he's watering the salvia when he shovels the snow.

    Thanks for the update on the yarrow name. I'm going to have to check on these pink and red yarrows.


  10. I've never seen a Salvia that got so full like yours. It looks so nice growing along the driveway like that. My Salvias are all very low growing, I'd love to find some that got that tall.

  11. ~Catherine
    I think it looks so full because there are so many plants in there. It really self seeds thickly.


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