Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Blooming Caladium

I recently posted about my caladiums.  How it's all about the leaves.  Then, what do I find?  A bloom!  I'm not sure I've ever had a caladium bloom for me before.  I must have them in a good spot.


  1. Wow, I think I saw mine bloom many years ago too. But not in a long time !

  2. I love much color, so many varieties.

  3. How funny ~ that is a really cute little bloom! Thanks for sharing with us. I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  4. ~Antique ART Garden
    I wonder what triggers a bloom?

    They're great, aren't they?

    I thought it was a really tall leaf until it opened.

    Amazing isn't it?


  5. Dear Sherlock Street, I should be more than happy with such pretty leaves but as I have never kept anything so exotic alive for more than five minutes, the whole idea of leaves or flowers is completely academic.

  6. ~Edith Hope
    Caladiums are pretty easy. They die back in the winter and one can dig out the bulbs to store replanting them in the spring. I have done that in years past but bought new ones this year!


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