Sunday, June 6, 2010

Disappearing Sod

I'm stepping back a bit to tell you about a project we did on Memorial Day.

After two days of a baking south wind and one day of a chilly north wind, Memorial Day was calm at Garden on Sherlock Street.  Exactly what I was waiting for to remove the rest of the sod in the back yard.

First, I pulled all the bachelor buttons and tall weeds that were in the area and cut a few areas of grass that had grown tall.  I just left these plants on the grass to add to the soil.

I've been collecting newspapers from anywhere I could.  I put one section at a time into a tub of water so they got completely soaked and then laid them on the grass.  This is why it had to be a calm day.

The straw bales were soaked from all the recent rains and had mushrooms growing on them.

We put the straw on the newspapers as thickly as we could.  This is three bales of straw which I got free from my parents' farm.  It may look a little odd for a bit but the color will mellow.  It really makes nice soil.

My wonderful husband decided to get some netting like we have over our strawberries to hold down the straw while it smothers the sod.  You can't see that in the photo. 

We finished off the edges and paths around the new flower beds with cedar mulch.

We don't plan to walk through the area until it all settles.  I've put up a few small decorative fences as reminders to go around this area. 

Next year, I'll look into creating some planting spaces.  For now, we're removing sod!


  1. Your yard is so pretty! We have had good success with newspaper getting rid of weeds/grass etc. Because we have plenty of it, we use pine straw to cover the paper. You will have so much fun next year planting in this new bed.

  2. I highlighted this post for my husband to read. We've tried something similar....but your way of removing sod sounds like something we can do. We have LOTS of sod to move.

  3. What a wonderful idea!


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