Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Five Little Things

There are little changes in the garden everyday.  Not everything is dramatic.  It all comes together to create an environment.  Here are a few little things I've noticed lately...

1.  The spring blooming flowers are done in this bed.  As the bachelor button, dame's rocket and love-in-a-mist plants dry and form seeds, I'll remove them leaving space for the four o'clocks which are waiting for their show time.

2.  The bouncing betties are starting to bloom.  These flowers are pure white, but I often see shades of pink as well.

3.  These little alliums are blooming.  They are Allium sphaerocephalon (Drumstick Onion).  We have them scattered throughout this bed.  I planted some snow-in-summer this spring to fill in around their stems.

4.  The wave petunias in hanging baskets along the front walk are really getting full.

5.  This firefly decided to take a nap on the fountain in our water garden container.  I didn't turn on the fountain until he left.


  1. My observations around these gardens too!! Subtle changes daily--I wonder if that is part of the magic for gardeners?? As one thing fades quietly away, new things fade gently in--or in some cases--pop out and in. I LOVE the bouncing betty--I would like to incorporate more whites into my gardens (white other than the white daisies--and lots of 'em!!) It's periennial? Are you getting the "cool front" up there too? Loving it here!

  2. "Bouncing Betty" reminds me of a M.A.S.H. episode where they were having nurse races. Anyway, I digress.

    The petunia's are beautiful and, apparently, enjoy the sun. As opposed to impatiens, which don't. Looks like I have found my replacement plants. Thanks.

  3. never heard of bouncing betty.

  4. I'm always so focused on the newest blooming plant, sometimes I think I miss the most subtle changes.

    I had to look up Bouncing Betties. I've heard my Mom mention Bouncing Bet, very old fashioned bloomer. Turns out I've grown a relative. They were used to make soap many, many years ago.

  5. I love the little changes in the garden, too. That is why I like to take photos so I can remember these changes. What a fun post!

  6. Beautiful plants. That was so nice of you not to drown the firefly. I love them. I can't wait to go out and catch some with my kiddos.

  7. ~princessdiva
    It is magical. Everyday.
    Bouncing betties transplant easily in the spring. My mother-in-law basically gave me bare root plants for starts. Maybe I can ship you some next year.
    You know we're settled into summer when dry 90 degree heat feels good comparatively.

    I think of the same M.A.S.H episode! LOL.
    Petunias are true sun lovers. There are normal petunias which benefit from a little pruning occasionally to keep from getting leggy and wave petunias which make more branches and just bloom like crazy.

    Bouncing Betty is a soapwort. I have more on the plant here:

    ~Roses and Lilacs
    Yes they were used for soap. I'll bet your mom's plant is the same thing!

    I'm noticing more changes this year with the photos for the blog. It's nice to have it documented.

    ~the Provident Woman
    Thank you for stopping by the garden. Do your kiddos bring jars of the fireflies in the house to watch blink in their rooms at night? I used to do that and then let them go in the morning!


  8. Bouncing Betties! Thats what that flower is!
    Love the firefly, wish we had them here.

  9. ~bakingbarb
    Thanks for visiting. Fireflies are fun!


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