Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting Ridiculous

It was cute when I posted about the little sunflowers that had seeded themselves in a crack between our patio and the rain barrels behind the garage.  Now, the sunflowers are nearly four feet tall.  I never imagined they'd survive to get this big.  It must be all the rain we've been getting.  It's interesting walking past them.  It is the straightest row of anything I've ever had in the garden!


  1. This is rare! It will be interesting to see if they grow all the way to maturity! Apparently so!

  2. I'm not real good with straight rows either :-)

  3. Maybe strange, but way cool!

  4. I usually have several sunflowers that sprout up form seeds the birds drop. They are so lovely when they bloom. ONe of those flowers that just make you smile.

  5. Apparentely, the key to straight rows is to concrete in the entire backyard leaving perfectly straight cracks. I need to write that down.

  6. looks sunflowers

  7. They sure are getting big! I haven't even planted Sunflower seeds yet, may not get any this year. It'll be fun to see those flowers blooming all lined up like that.

  8. ~Rebecca
    We'll see.

    Even when I think I've planted a straight row, there's a wiggle somewhere in there.

    Definetely cool or I would have removed them all. Gotta see what happens.

    Stop! We don't need more concrete in the world. When I find a way to make straight rows, I'll let you know.

    I love sunflowers so I'm all for them reseeding. This is just strange.

    Thanks for appreciating them.

    I'll keep you posted.


  9. I wouldn't even be able to get straight rows this way - the cracks in my concrete are crooked!

    Enjoy those persistent sunflowers!

  10. ~Cherry Lane
    Oh well!
    We'll see if they bloom!


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