Monday, June 28, 2010

Hostas Big And Small

These are the resident hostas at Garden on Sherlock Street.

They are Hosta "Blue Eyes.'  A dwarf variety.  Right now, they're in full bloom.  I have them planted along some stepping stones off our front porch to a water faucet hence the hose in the photo.

What I can't figure out is why some of them are big and full and others are small and puny.  See the little ones between two full sized ones and the really little ones on the left side of the photo?  They should all have the same soil, the same light and the same amount of water.  This is early morning light on them.  They spend a lot of the day in shade.  You might see an allium bloom going to seed on the right side of the first photo also.  I've decided it's time to replant the giant allium bulbs this fall.  I let them go to seed because I think the drying spheres look kinda cool.  This fall, I may just dig all of this up and replant everyone to see if that helps with the hosta height misconfiguration.

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  1. Good morning. What pretty blooms. A few of mine are blooming, mostly in white.

    Hard to say why some plants thrive and plants right next to them don't. Maybe damage from the hose, some kind of root damage, a hosta virus...just a couple wild guesses.

  2. Pretty hosta variety and that is a mystery about some being puny.

  3. Like everything, there are always the difficult few.

  4. I have a bunch of hostas on the side of the garage, and I do believe you are supposed to dig them up and divide them to give them more room to grow. I have not done that, I have taken some small baby ones and transplanted them before. Slack in the dividing perennials department here, thanks ! Gina

  5. I really like the dwarf variety. I will have to look for it.

  6. I'm not sure why some are big and some are small, maybe a weaker host plant? They are beautiful though!

  7. Are they all the same age? The small ones on the far left are close to that building - perhaps they don't get as much rainfall?

  8. ~Marnie
    I haven't seen white blooming hostas only purple. I'll keep investigating.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, these are the problem children.

    ~Antique ART Garden
    I think they might be due for a dividing. I should just plan for it.

    Hello. Thanks for coming by. I knew I didn't have space for the average hosta. I think I got this one from white flower farm.

    Thanks for checking them out.

    ~Cherry Lane
    You might be on to something with the ones by the building. I was thinking after I posted that maybe the bricks keep them too hot.


  9. Those are some really pretty Hosta flowers! Mine never get very many flowers. It is strange how some plants with the same growing conditions can end up with such size difference. I have some Hellebores that are the same way.

  10. ~Catherine
    I must say the larger hostas certainly have a lot of flowers this year. More than I remember from the past.

  11. Have you noticed hummingbirds on your hosta flowers?

    Sometimes plants are confusing, they just don'e behave as expected!

  12. ~bakingbarb
    According to our resident bird expert, humming birds don't come back through our area until late July and are usually around into September. I've never seen a hummingbird on the hostas because the flowers are usually gone by the time the hummers get here.


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