Thursday, June 10, 2010

Houston, We Have Hibiscus

I planted a hardy hibiscus a number of years ago worrying that it would be a needy plant that I'd have to coddle to see any blooms.
Well, it's not.  It's just slower showing up than most of the plants in my garden.  It produces pretty pink blooms.

I planted it near our neighbor's fence so it would get some protection from the south wind.  One of my sister-in-laws suggested I put in a small support frame to keep it from falling over when it blooms.
It is behind the primrose, next to the mugo pine.

The mugo pine may be getting a little too friendly and need a trim.


  1. Hibiscus here grow like mad. Does yours die back during the winter?

  2. My mother in law grows beautiful hibiscus (and it gets to be a HUGE clump)but I haven't ever been successful in getting any of it transplanted. This winter I tried to start some from her seeds and none of those germinated either. One day I will get it done!! They are beautiful when they bloom for sure!

  3. Looks great! You have so much blooming now.

  4. ~Turling
    Yes. In the cooler fall weather, it starts to yellow and goes fairly quickly. In the spring, I cut off any remaining stalks and wait.

    Mine stays rather slim but I'm sure there are different varieties. My mom gave me the seed for this one. I was skeptical because I'm in a colder zone than she is.

    Thanks for checking out the garden.


  5. Always a delight to see your flower beds up close. Hibiscus blooms are beautiful. I hope you have a very nice weekend.

  6. Dear Sherlock Street, Such happiness as I have discovered you through Turling's site although addressing you as 'Sherlock Street' does seem a little akin to writing to Conan Doyle!

    Hibiscus - tough as old boots. Virtually the only thing to survive the extremely cold winters of Hungary, where I spend much of my time, and, come to think about it, the only thing to be found in any Hungarian garden. So, take heart!

    I am adding myself as a 'Follower' as I find your postings of interest and great fun. Love the hat!

  7. ~Mildred
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  8. ~Edith Hope
    Thank you for visiting my garden. I have noticed you at Turling's; as well as at some other gardens. One can never have too many gardening friends. You may address me as you please. I've found it interesting to see how different people shorten my screen name. I try to follow the saying, "bloom where you're planted," and I am where I am.
    Sounds like hibiscus is tough indeed. Perfect.
    I'm glad you like the hat. I stopped by your garden briefly and see that you enjoy hats. Mine are mostly functional for the garden or I wear one while enjoying an outside event to protect me from the sun but I try to choose flattering ones. I'm on my way to following your site as well!


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