Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Seedy

Seeds.  These tiny seeds will become something beautiful putting smiles on people's faces.

They are forming rapidly.  Ready to be set free.

Some may think these daisies are now unsightly and should be deadheaded, but I see beauty for next year.

So, this is the scene along our front walk for a little while.  I will cut all of these daisies down soon and lay the cuttings in our alley seeding the area for a beautiful display next spring.
The daisies will rebloom through the summer and I will deadhead those blooms to keep everything tidy, but the first flush of flowers are given a full life so that more beauty can be made.


  1. Dear Sherlock Street, I am so glad that you allow the daisies to flower as they look so innocent and are such fun to have. Without them, where would daisy chains be?

  2. Oh seeds! What a wonderful thing and free too!!

  3. As Darla said, they are my favorite price those seeds.

  4. They are definitely things of beauty with so much life ready to grow. The daisies look great in your garden-even fading.

  5. One of my neighbors has the loveliest backyard all grown up in lawn daisies. He doesn't mow until after the daisies have bloomed. What a site.

    I do the same thing you are doing with my columbines. I wait until the seed is ripe and then scatter the pods.

  6. I have a wildflower bed, and let all the flowers there go to seed. What fun to see what will come up next year.

  7. You are very wise to let these go to seed in order to be assured of a bountiful display next season. I hope you are enjoying the afternoon.

  8. Saving seeds is something that I've just started doing. It is really fun to be able to collect them and share them with other gardeners. I like imaging them growing in someone else's garden and hope they enjoy them like I do.

  9. ~Edith Hope
    I agree. Although I never got the knack of making daisy chains.

    Free is always good!

    It is nice to see all the phases of a flower.

    ~Roses and Lilacs
    We had a bachelor button lawn like that in back one year. My husband couldn't bear to mow down the bachelor buttons while they were blooming.

    ~Window on the Prairie
    I have areas like that too. My husband likes it when flowers twine together.

    Thank you. Too much deadheading loses the flowers for next year.

    It is nice to see them go to someone else's garden. The larkspur in my garden came from my parents' farm. I started it there when I was a child.


  10. Isn't it amazing, the beauty found in "free" ...


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