Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jalapenos Brought Me Here

In 2006, my wonderful husband wanted to grow jalapeno peppers. We did. The plants were bountiful. In search of something to do with all the jalapeno peppers, I googled 'jalapeno pepper' and 'recipe.' I found The Pioneer Woman. Ree's Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies are great. I got drawn into her blog and from there found other blogs to read as well.

Jump to 2009, my wonderful husband wanted to grow anaheim peppers. We did. The plants were bountiful. In search for something to do with all the anaheim peppers, I googled 'anaheim pepper' and 'recipe.' I found digginfood. Willi's vegetable gardening advice is awesome.

From there I found Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings and then started reading other gardening blogs.  I even download podcasts from Margaret at A Way To Garden.

There was a bathroom remodel dominating our lives for most of 2009. It trickled into 2010. After it was done, I started dreaming about my garden and making a list of all the things I didn't get to do in 2009 because of the bathroom remodel. Before I knew it, I was blogging in my head and checking out blogging utilities. Here I am. I love watching everyone's gardens grow, and boy do I learn from all of you.

If you're a follower of Garden on Sherlock Street, thank you. If you've commented on my blog, chatted with me on your blog or emailed me, your blog is in my blog roll so I can visit your garden easily and give others directions to your garden.

Recently, I learned of another way to connect with bloogers, the "versatile blogger award." It was given to me by Window On The Prairie. Suzanne takes amazing photos of her garden and farm. She also posts recipes that will make your mouth water while reading them. I hope you'll check out her blog. The "rules" of the "versaitile blogger award" as explained to me are: thank the person who gave you the award, share something about yourself, pass it on to another blogger and let them know about it.

It was hard deciding who to choose:

Tina, In The Garden. She wrote my very first comment. I was so estatic when I saw I had a comment. She's stayed with me too. She visits a lot of gardening blogs and acknowledges those who visit hers. Thanks Tina.

Catherine, A Gardener In Progress. She mentioned my blog in one of her posts. She has a beautiful peaceful looking garden with a lot of wildlife and I love her water garden.

Turling, Greenhorn In The Garden. He seems ready to tackle anything for his garden. He throws in a little about his favorite sports team too.

Amy, Go Away, I'm Gardening. She has drought tolerant plants and bed designs that I can see working in my garden.

princessdiva, There's No Place Like Home. She'll give you a dose of her family with her large garden that uses limestone. I love limestone.

Plus, there's Darla, More Family And Flowers; Rebecca, Scene In Our Garden; and so many others in my blog roll.

I finally narrowed it down to David in Kansas, Grow And Tell. I think the man can make anything out of nothing. His self watering containers and watering spikes did it. I can't wait to see him make rain barrels. Here you go David. Congratulations!  Please pass it along.

Happy gardening!!


  1. Honored to be mentioned in the same breath with so many wonderful, wonderful garden bloggers! Thank you. It was interesting to hear of your "beginnings" in the garden blog genre... Now I'm off to check David out!

  2. Why thank you very much! It is always a joy to comment on a new blogger's posts. I still remember my first comment here too. Blogging is a way cool way to connect with others-who knew there was such a great big world out there? Have a great day!

  3. Here's a big hand to David--and yes, I think you may be right about making something out of nothing. He's like the McGyver of the garden!!

  4. Oh my, what a tribute to David! I am a new follower, found you by way of my dear friend at White Spray Paint! Our parents even knew each other! I am happy to have found your blog via her blog!

    Hope you have a nice evening!


  5. ~Rebecca
    You are welcome. I enjoy visiting your garden.

    There are so many awesome gardeners to share with. I love it too.

    Great comparison for David.

    ~Nancy's Notes
    Thank you for stopping by. It' great to connect with other gardeners/bloggers. I put you on my list to check back with often.


  6. This was a great post. I know some of these blogs and I definitely will check out the links to others. Thanks!

  7. It's fun to look back and see how people got into blogging. It really opens up a whole new world. I never dreamed I'd meet so many people and get to know them through their blogs. There are several blogs mentioned that I haven't visited before. Thank you for including mine :)

  8. ~Catherine
    You are welcome. Blogging and gardening is such a perfect combination. I'm having a ball!


  9. So glad you are enjoying your blogging and getting to know so many others! I'm sorry I haven't visited lately, but I've been kind of on a slow-blog-schedule! I do enjoy your blog and hope you know my lack of visits has been across the board, not just with you;-) Funny how all of a sudden when the garden is looking so full, I feel out of steam for blogging. I'll probably wax and wane with it, and when the mood strikes, will write posts. For now, I like not feeling as though I have to write on a certain schedule.

  10. ~Jan
    Stop by when ever you're in the mood. If you post something, I'll try to visit too. Some days, I'm so busy fitting gardening into my day after work, it is hard to get the photos uploaded and all to post. To each his or her own. Have a good gardening season!


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