Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lavender Longings

For some reason, it took me a while to add lavender to the garden even though I wanted some.  I just didn't know where to put it.  Last year, I got some plants and tucked them in where a path makes a turn near the back yard lilac bush.  I put in two varieties. 

Lavandula, intermedia 'Grosso' (Fat Bud French Lavender)
It is suppose to be excellent for use as a dried flower.

Lavandula, angustifolia 'Buena Vista' (Buena Vista English Lavender)
It is suppose to bloom twice per season.

Both are to have excellent fragrance.  Early indications are that they do.  I keep smelling the lavender when I'm in the area.

I got a few blooms last year, but nothing like I'm seeing this year.  I purposely planted the two varieties together hoping for a nice display. 

I'm already planning sachets of lavender.


  1. Dear Sherlock Street, Lavender is, surely, one of the essentials for all gardens - pretty in growth, neat in habit, attractive to bees and, as you say, heavenly scented. I have found that a hard prune in late winter/early spring will keep lavender bushes neat and compact and prevents their becoming somewhat shapeless and woody.

  2. Your lavender looks great! Mine is in full bloom too. Thanks to Edith for the pruning suggestions. Mine is overtaking the rose bed.

  3. ~Edith Hope
    Thank you for the advice on pruning lavender. I'm so glad I have some in the garden now.

    Sounds like your lavender is well established. I hope mine spread some as I left space for more to come!



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