Friday, June 11, 2010

A More Subtle Yarrow

While the front walk way has Moonshine Yarrow happily greeting our guests, the back yard has a more subdued white yarrow I acquired from a local gardening club during its annual plant giveaway.  It is spreading nicely filling in part of what I often call the back shrub border.  It will bloom throughout the summer.  I deadhead the spent blooms.  It's pretty low maintenance.


  1. Dear Sherlock Street, I do so love all of the Achilleas as they are such versatile plants, thriving almost anywhere. I am particularly fond of the pastel shades and, as my own garden is principally white and green, your white one has a particular appeal.

  2. That's very pretty. I don't recall ever seeing the white before. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. Very nice. I used to overwater mine so they were sloppy looking at best...I'm learning though.

  4. ~Edith Hope
    Hello. This one has fine feather leaves also. I should try to capture them in a photo someday.

    I haven't seen it much anywhere else either and I'm told there are pink ones!

    I've realized that I never have to try to water yarrows. They get some if I use the soaker hoses because the bed in general is dry. Otherwise, they're good!


  5. Wonderful yarrow. Probably the only thing that would stop it is a lawnmower.

  6. ~Window On The Prairie
    I think that would only slow it down.


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