Friday, June 4, 2010

Not Chocolate Flavored, Sorry

A gardening friend of mine who is a master gardener, started several tomatoes for this year including a variety of cherry tomato which she says is chocolate colored.

Colored, not flavored.

She had extras, and I'm the recipient of one of the extra tomato plants.  Yea!

Not that I really have room for another tomato plant, but I'm not going to turn down a chocolate colored tomato.  So, I squeezed it in.  Grow tomato grow!

There seems to be a theme this year.  I've also planted a plant that is suppose to have chocolate scented blooms.

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  1. hmmmmmmm. Have you tried the chocolate-scented geraniums yet? (Or is that the plant you referred to?)

  2. Oh how fun! I have not heard of the chocolate colored tomatos. I grew some chocolate mint one time that smelled just like a chocolate covered peppermint patty when you rubbed the leaves. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Cool on the chocolate colored tomatoes!

  4. Those sound really neat. I hope you'll show pictures of what they look like.

  5. ~Rebecca
    I haven't tried the geraniums yet. The other plant is a berlandiera. A new one for me that I ordered.

    I'll bet chocolate mint is awesome. Two of my favorite flavors.

    I hope it produces!

    I will be watching it closely. My friend wants to know how it goes.


  6. Oh, I MUST look for this tomato!
    On my kitty, the first owner got him cut like, twice a year...the lion cut. We trimmed him the first summer we had him because he was suffering in the heat and had outragous mats. He gets frontline now but 2 summers ago he was covered with fleas, so bad it made him sick (first time being outside) I regretted not cutting him that summer, I think it would of helped. Last summer we left him because of the f.line AND we had a very rainy summer. Well, this year it has already been in the 90's, he is just not himself that hot. He's Maine coon and has a wool undercoat. This would of been 3 summers since a trim, he had matted under him arms and on his haunches to the point he bathe alot, sometimes every 2 or 3 steps he'd take, clear it was bothering him, small mats but tight. I probably won't do it again for a while but it was well needed.

  7. ~Dawn
    Your poor kitty. I'll bet he feels so much better with the trim. I never had cats with that much fur. The breed must be for cold climates. Here's to a pleasant summer for your cat and everyone else!

  8. I am also trying an unusual tomato--a black variety, but I think it will be more chocolate colored too. Called Black Krim--we had a black tomato plant in the greenhouse this winter (our first experience at something that unusual) It was our favorite, hands down--the flavor was unlike any other tomato--so we found a dark variety that is indeterminite to try this summer--hoping for the best!

  9. ~princessdiva
    Wow. That sounds dramatic. I didn't get an official name with the plant. We'll see what we get!


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