Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Following The Plan

In every garden, some plants just don't make it.

Here's what the spinanch seeds I planted in pots look like now. 

I had trouble getting my spinach seeds to sprout in my new cold frames so I tried in a more controlled environment.  Unfortunately, by the time they were ready to go outside it was really too hot for them to do well.  I hope to try again this fall.

The pots of spinach sit next to my pathetic onion sets.

I think this batch of onion sets just weren't as healthy as my other batch.  These were suppose to be red onions.  My yellow onions look much better.

The yellow onions have fallen down and are now suppose to stay in the ground for 10 days to 2 weeks.  I've never planted onion sets before so this is all new.  I guess the leaves should start to yellow and then the onions can be harvested to dry and be stored or eaten.  I plan to chop several and freeze them in one cup amounts to use in recipes.

Here are some sad looking beans.

A few plant are OK but most are sad.  My wonderful husband thinks the nitrogen is too high in our new raised vegetable bed so the legumes are going, "enough!"

The spaghetti squash and acorn squash seem to be just fine in the new raised vegetable bed.

The cucumber in the distance with the cage is looking pretty happy too.  There are also some peas in this bed.  About half of them had the same reaction as the beans but we are harvesting peas.


  1. Frustrating isn't it? My husband and I sure have had our challenges with veggie gardening. I planted lettuce and spinach at the end of winter in containers on the back deck and it was very successful. Keep trying, I am.

  2. It does one good (in a strange sort of way) to see that not EVERYONE is ALWAYS successful with EVERYTHING in the garden :)

    You certainly get an "A" for effort, though!

  3. I had some problems with spinach too this year,and my chard has run to seed almost immediately, so don't worry, everyone has successes as well as failures, it's they way to learn after all, so well done!

  4. I've never had luck with Spinach or onions. It seems some years no matter what we do, some plants just don't do well. I love spaghetti squash, although have never tried growing it. Our vegetables haven't done great this year, peas and potatoes seem to be the happiest, the rest have been eaten by slugs.

  5. Vegetable gardening is often disappointing. Sometimes when my tomatoes don't do well I could almost cry:) That's how fond I am of homegrown tomatoes.

    That is a good idea to chop onions and freeze in separate bags. I wonder if you can freeze them on trays and then bag them so they are easy to separate.

  6. ~Darla
    I will keep trying. Seems like there's always something isn't there.

    Yes, it is good to know everyone has things that don't grow!

    ~The Cottage Garden Farmer
    Thank you for the vote of confidence. What's with the spinach this year?

    My spaghetti squash plants are really growing. I hope to get all the peas harvested before they over run them. I don't battle slugs much. Do you feed them beer as I've heard?

    ~Roses and Lilacs
    I have done the tray of green pepper pieces as you suggest. I haven't tried it with onions. Hmmm.



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